Transfer of Technology Models (TOTEMs)

TOTEMs are focused educational tools providing relevant information and distance training on one specific area of bamboo/rattan management, processing or utilization. They are a means of technology transfer between similar regions throughout the world, with the emphasis on South-South transfer for livelihood development. They enable those involved in the management and use of bamboo and rattan resources to more efficiently and effectively develop and use skills relating to these resources.

TOTEMs are primarily intended as practical information resources and teaching aids for those at the local extension level in their communities, who can utilize them to assist local community development. Each TOTEM consists of a detailed written report of the technology, a PowerPoint presentation, a film, and, where relevant, a set of technical photographs. They also include information on target users, financial analyses of sample set-ups from the partner country preparing the report and information on where to source particular technologies (such as equipment). The TOTEM thus provides all the information required for establishing similar technologies within interested countries and regions.

  • The report contains all the technical details of the particular processes involved, as well as other relevant information for establishing the technology such as costs of business establishment, running costs and cash flows.
  • The PowerPoint presentation contains details of the relevant technologies and their applications, and is intended to provide an overview of the potential of the technology for development.
  • The film provides a visual guide to the processes involved and helps to bring them alive in the minds of the learners.

The different parts of the TOTEM are targeted at slightly different audiences, via the local extension workers. The report and film are intended to be the main means of extension to the individuals and communities who will implement the technology and who will directly benefit from it. The PowerPoint presentation is primarily intended as a tool for the extension worker to sell the technology and its role in development to those who provide the infrastructural, policy and financial support for its implementation, such as government departments, donors and NGOs. There is considerable flexibility, however. Local extension workers will be able to incorporate the TOTEMs in their own work as they wish and adapt and develop the TOTEM to suit their particular requirements and conditions.