Media Coverage

Grant makes big bamboo push – Jamaica Observer

  • INBAR’s Deputy Director-General will visit Jamaica on April 14 and 15 as the nation pushes to solidify its bamboo industry at a conference on bamboo utilization.  (more…)

Practical Beauty – China Daily

  • A veteran forestry expert savors the usefulness and versatility of bamboo – and the romance it has inspired since her childhood, she tells Mike Peters. (more…)

Envoys dig in at Earth Day bamboo garden – China Daily

  • Two dozen diplomats joined a bamboo-planting ceremony for Earth Day last week, as theInternational Bamboo and Rattan Network hosted an Ambassador’s Day program. (more…)

Ethiopia leads the bamboo revolution – Guardian Environment Network

  • Eager foreign investment is making Ethiopia a frontier for the bamboo industrial revolution in Africa. (more…)

Ethiopia heralds its lead role in expansion of Africa’s bamboo sector – Guardian Development Network

  • The east African nation is counting on its huge supply to drive growth, reduce deforestation and cut carbon emissions. (more…)