Climate Change

Bamboos are versatile resources that can help us tackle and live with climate change. Over the past three years, INBAR has studied how bamboos can help people mitigate and adapt to climate change, whilst growing and processing them to improve their livelihoods. INBAR’s work with its partners on carbon sequestration in managed bamboo forests indicates that they are at least as good as comparable fast-growing tree species, and so planting and managing bamboos can help mitigate climate change. INBAR is demonstrating how bamboos can help adapt lives and livelihoods to increased occurrences of extreme climatic events, for example to landslides and floods, with a suite of innovative disaster-resilient bamboo houses and innovative ways of preventing erosion with bamboo. For many years, INBAR has been demonstrating how integrated development with bamboo can provide secure livelihoods in the long term, and we have helped many thousands of rural producers to make a living from bamboo where once they did not.

Climate change affects us all, but will affect the poorest the most. Bamboos help us all mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change by:

  • Absorbing and storing carbon;
  • Protecting forests and watersheds;
  • Insulating environments against extreme weather;
  • Providing low-cost, green housing and infrastructure;
  • Providing cleaner biofuels;
  • Providing renewable, sustainable resource for generating incomes; and
  • Increasing the range and season of food sources.

Bamboo can be an efficient tool for both climate change mitigation and adaptation, but there is a lack of scientific knowledge and awareness of its potential. INBAR’s work aims to address this by:

  • Enhancing scientific and technical know-how of bamboo for climate change;
  • Developing a carbon-accounting methodology for bamboo and running pilot sites to verify it;
  • Raising awareness at many levels, from global climate change policy discussions (UNFCCC COPs) to local capacity building events; and
  • Running climate adaptation demonstration projects to demonstrate the application of relevant technologies (charcoal, biofuels, bamboo housing).
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