Trade Development

Generating incomes from bamboo and rattan depends strongly on the market and on the trading systems that enable producers to participate in the market. Only when bamboo and rattan products meet market demand can they generate sustainable incomes.

Innovations in bamboo and rattan production and processing open new opportunities for market development, but most trade is still limited to local markets. Extending value chains from the local level to national and international levels can bring major benefits, but today, international markets are dominated by the world’s more affluent countries, and stronger partnerships between consumer and producer countries are needed to bring more equitable benefits.

INBAR’s trade development work focuses on the following themes:

  • Provision of data on trade in the bamboo and rattan sectors, and analysis of trends;
  • Provision of policy advice based on trade data and changing import policies;
  • Supporting technological product innovation and broadening its application; and
  • Development of bamboo and rattan value chains.

To enable us to achieve these aims, INBAR became the International Commodity Body for Bamboo and Rattan of Common Fund for Commodities.