Project Highlight: Bamboo as Sustainable Biomass Energy

This four-year INBAR project is the first initiative to develop bamboo firewood and charcoal as an alternative to timber charcoal in Ghana and Ethiopia.

The programme is based on a South-South exchange of knowledge and technology from Asia to Africa. It introduces bamboo charcoal as well as training and capacity building activities for sustainable management of bamboo resources to rural communities in Africa. Using indigenous and sustainable bamboo resources to make charcoal takes pressure off other forest resources. Moreover, the production of bamboo firewood and charcoal enables communities to fulfill energy demands in a sustainable way and generate income.

INBAR is increasing the range of useable bamboos available in each country, establishing bamboo charcoal Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), and supporting government and civil society organizations in the development of the bamboo charcoal value chain.

  • Donor: European Commission
  • Locations: Ethiopia, Ghana

To learn more about the project, visit the Bamboo as Sustainable Biomass Energy project wiki site.

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