Project Highlight: Flood-resistant Bamboo Housing

In partnership with government, universities, the private sector, and local communities, INBAR is demonstrating how elevated bamboo houses can be used to help flood-prone communities in Ecuador and Peru adapt to climate change-induced rises in sea level.

INBAR is working to incorporate new, improved elevated bamboo housing designs into local bamboo building supply chains, such as that of Viviendas del Hogar de Cristo (HC), a charity that currently builds 50 low-cost bamboo houses a day. These 32m2 elevated houses, which have a lifespan of 30 years, compared with just 5 years for HC’s existing houses, will cost only US$4,000 and can serve as an adaptable model for other flood prone areas.

  • Location: Ecuador and Peru
  • Donors: World Bank, European Commission, Common Fund for Commodities