Who We Are

INBAR is an intergovernmental organisation established in 1997 to improve the social, economic, and environmental benefits of bamboo and rattan among some of the world’s poorest communities.

With regional offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America, INBAR draws on expertise from around the globe in assisting government, business and local communities in over 50 countries, to identify new and innovative uses for bamboo and rattan.

As an affordable natural resource with the potential to reduce the impacts of climate changeprotect ecosystemsalleviate poverty, and promote sustainable construction and pro-poor trade links, INBAR seeks to establish bamboo and rattan at the forefront of the global sustainable development agenda.

Our Vision

“By improving the well-being of users and producers of bamboo and rattan we can reduce the pressures placed on global environments and increase the rate at which we achieve sustainable development.”

At INBAR we work hard to ensure that people at all levels of society are empowered with the knowledge and skills they need to transform bamboo and rattan into opportunities to lead sustainable lives.

Throughout this process we work with local leaders to ensure that decision making and ownership ultimately rests with those who stand to benefit from our work. In this way we are able to focus our goals on building relationships of trust that last long after our projects have closed. These goals include:

  • Goal 1: To establish a highly effective network of committed stakeholders;
  • Goal 2: To develop bamboo and rattan as solutions to global sustainability and climate change;
  • Goal 3: To provide a better means for inclusive livelihood development, particularly in rural areas;
  • Goal 4: To build a stable and innovative pro-poor market for bamboo and rattan.