The supreme governing organ of INBAR is a Council of representatives of the sovereign states that are signatories to the INBAR treaty. All major policies and decisions are ratified by the Council. The current Chair of the Council is the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, represented by its Ministry of Agriculture. The current Vice Chair of the Council is the Republic of Indonesia, represented by its Ministry of Forestry.

The Board of Trustees has the task of developing appropriate policies, overseeing management and ensuring efficient operations. The Board is made up of ten Trustees. The current chair of the Trustees is Dr. Maharaj Muthoo, President of the Roman Forum.

The Director General is appointed to implement policy decisions and to organize and implement the agreed programme of work. Dr. Cherla Sastry was INBAR’s first Director General and was appointed for two years from 1997. Dr. Ian Hunter, the second Director General, served from 2000 – 2005. Dr. Coosje Hoogendoorn then served two four-year terms through 2013.  Dr. Hans Friederich is INBAR’s current Director General.

The Secretariat is based in Beijing, China, and consists of

  1. Executive Management Team
  2. Programmes
    1. Environmental Sustainability Programme
    2. Livelihoods and Economic Development Programme
    3. Trade Development Programme
    4. Sustainable Bamboo Construction Programme
  3. Units
    1. Membership Unit
    2. Development And Communications Unit
    3. Networking and Partnerships Unit
  4. Regional Offices
    1. East Africa (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
    2. Latin America and the Caribbean (Quito, Ecuador)
    3. South Asia (New Delhi, India)
    4. South East Asia (Beijing, China)
    5. West Africa (Kumasi, Ghana)
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